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Kiddy Girl-And Episode 9

So I've decided to blog about all of the KG-A eps now. Well I won't go too much into detail with this one only because karrissarella hasn't actually seen it yet, I also have to watch it again because I need to see it subbed XD. So on with the summary.

Alright so it looks like the GTO anniversary event is finally underway. Anyways the ES members are standing up with Hiver and Sommer, well the twins, Un-ou, and A-ou (who happens to be eating pocky at the same time, had a huge lol with that) but Dextera (Torch) and Sinistra (Shade) happen to get in with just a pair of shades on (Seriously reminded me of MIB XD.) As Hiver goes up to give her speech Sinistra creates an illusion then you see like an 80 ft tall Gaktouer (I'm not sure if that is the proper spelling of his name, I also think he looks a lot like Cesario) Sinistra and Dextera also create an illusion on the guards so they start shooting at the civillians thinking they are some huge beast thing. Ascoeur wants to help but Trixie and Troys-Jeanne show up and tell her and Q-Feullie to help the civilians. A-ou and Un-ou catch up to Dextera and Sinistra. Dextera shouts some random things and then runs off (I about died, I love the new Dextera. Even if he is a baddy and has a stupid new name now) Tweedledee and Tweedledum leave to go deal with the soldier people, while Trixie and Troys-Jeanne try shooting at the huge illusion of Gaktouer (way to be guys just shoot at a hologram real smart)

So apparently Sinistra's illusion is really powerful because A-ou's eyes can basically pierce through anything but I guess it doesn't work for Sinistra's ability. But of course when combinded with Un-ou's power it's a different story and he almost drop kicks both into the ground. But then Letuchie and Pauk show up, Letuchie uses her power to create soundwaves that basically paralyze Un-ou on the spot (because his power has to deal with hearing things from miles, kinda like super hearing. I was like back the fuck off bitch at this part.) Then Pauk uses his power to create little bomb like things and basically blow Un-ou up, almost fatally injuring him. (I was like O.O;;; GTFO MY FAV CHARACTER ASSHOLE!) I've never seen A-ou yell so loudly or be that pissed before in my entire life. But he saves his partner so it's all good, once Trixie shows up with Ascoeur and Q-Feuille partner to battle them. To which Ascoeur and her partner are taken out quickly. Trixie contains Letuchie and Pauk in this vortex field thing and slices through Dextera and Sinistra's illusions she almost hits the real ones too but they run away. (Another rofl because Sinistra just runs away but Dex has a little freak out moment before he runs, seriously I LOVE the new him XD)

Tweedledee and Tweedledum are facing off against Saphir and Rubis. Tweedledee has an awesome lightning bolt thing but Saphir breaks it with her ice sending it flying back at her causing her to get hurt which causes Tweedledum to attack Rubis relentlessly. Rubis dodges him and tries attacking Tweedledee, Tweedledum gets in the way and is stabbed and slashed repeatedly, taking the hit for his sister. Troys-Jeanne shows up and freezes Tweedledum in time causing Rubis sword to break she also freaks her arms and Saphir's ice blade things. Apparently all G-Society teams get away because Troys-Jeanne is seen back with Trixie and the other two.

Now I'm going to let it be with the ending to the episode. But it's fucking depressing. I swear if that happens to either the twins, A-ou or Un-ou I will bawl my eyes out, because that was very tearjerking.

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